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Mountain and ski guide

  • Guiding people on mountain tours over rock and ice or in any case in the mountains
  • Guiding people on ski tours or ski excursions
  • Specialised instruction in mountaineering and ski touring


Hiking guides

  • Plan and lead hikes on paths and trails
  • Provide interesting facts about the landscape, history, flora and fauna
  • Take the planning and organisational work off your hands


Alpine School

  • The union of 12 alpine schools
  • Expertise in mountain, flora and fauna
  • Training for increased safety, enjoyment, and know-how in climbing, mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing...



South Tyrolean Mountain and Ski Guides

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"Paths are made by walking."

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"Mountaineering is more than a sport. Mountaineering is a passion."

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South Tyrolean Mountain and Ski Guides

The key to a fascinating world

The mountains are a fascinating world. And in South Tyrol in particular, they attract visitors with an almost unbelievable variety in a small area: from the ice giants around King Ortler in the west to the pinnacles, towers and walls of the Dolomites in the east, from the ice and rock blocks of the Ötztal, Stubai and Zillertal Alps in the north to the sunny porphyry walls in the south. 

This fascinating world of diversity would remain closed to many of us without the South Tyrolean mountain and ski guides as well as the hiking guides. It is the mountain guides who have the necessary technical skills and human sensitivity, know the most beautiful routes, share the secrets of the mountains with us and let us experience them in the greatest possible safety. The hiking guides, on the other hand, lead us along paths and trails through this mountain world and bring us closer to the surrounding nature. 

So, whether you are looking for professional expertise for alpine, icefall or sport climbing, mountaineering or alpine tours, snowshoe tours or via ferratas, ski tours or freeriding: South Tyrol's mountain and ski guides are highly trained and the ideal companions. And if, on the other hand, you prefer travelling on paths and trails, then there are also South Tyrol's hiking guides. 

No matter which type of guide you choose they both hold the keys to a fascinating world in their hands. 

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Ten answers to the question

Why go to the mountains with a professional? 

... and with which one? 

Mountain and ski guides 

  • are technically, psychologically and pedagogically trained 
  • have years of experience and are at home in any terrain
  • ensure the greatest possible safety on rock, ice and snow
  • know the routes away from the crowds
  • increase the chance of reaching a destination – and of an unforgettable mountain experience
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Hiking guides 

  • plan and lead hikes on paths and trails
  • make hikes unforgettable with their insider knowledge
  • impart interesting facts about the landscape, history, flora and fauna
  • take the planning and organisation off your hands
  • offer themed hikes and programs for adults and children
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The South Tyrolean mountain guides and hiking guides never stand still for professional reasons. That's why it's important for us to keep you up to date with everything that's happening in our professions and our mountains. You can find out what has been happening in recent weeks here. 

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The training

How do you become a mountain guide?

Nothing, absolutely nothing is left to chance when training to become a mountain guide in South Tyrol. The profession is too demanding and the responsibility too great. That's why candidates' skills and technical abilities are tested before they are admitted to training.  

Anyone who clears this hurdle begins the first part of the training programme, which lasts two years, comprises around 100 training days and concludes with an examination and the title of "mountain guide candidate". This is followed by 18 months of professional experience and a further ten-day course. Only then is a mountain guide fully trained and internationally recognised. 

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There have been professional mountain guides in
South Tyrol for more than 150 years. And even if pretty much everything about the profession of mountain guide and mountaineering has changed since then, one thing has remained the same: Mountain guides were and are the masters on the mountain, professionals with a demanding training program that turns experienced, competent alpinists into technically, psychologically and pedagogically trained guides. This means that guiding in rough terrain and using technical aids remains the sole preserve of mountain and ski guides. 

Guiding and guided hiking on designated paths and trails is different. Here hiking guides are also used, who – like mountain guides – must undergo their own training and pass an aptitude test. Their professional register is also maintained by the South Tyrolean Chamber of Mountain and Ski Guides on behalf of the province of South Tyrol.

As a guest, you are therefore spoilt for choice: if you want to go into rough, undeveloped, open terrain, you not only need a certain level of fitness, stamina and alpine know-how (which you can acquire on a course at an alpine school), but also a mountain guide. If, on the other hand, you stick to paths and trails, love multi-day hikes, crossings or treks and want to learn everything you need to know about the country and its people, fauna and flora, history and geology - sometimes just in passing - you will probably choose a hiking guide. 

Whether you choose a mountain or a hiking guide, with both you are in the best hands, both ensure your maximum safety, carefree fun and a high chance of success. And both provide a unique experience.  

One that will last a long time.