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Mountain and ski guide

  • Guiding people on mountain tours over rock and ice or in any case in the mountains
  • Guiding people on ski tours or ski excursions
  • Specialised instruction in mountaineering and ski touring


Hiking guides

  • Plan and lead hikes on paths and trails
  • Provide interesting facts about the landscape, history, flora and fauna
  • Take the planning and organisational work off your hands


Alpine School

  • The union of 12 alpine schools
  • Expertise in mountain, flora and fauna
  • Training for increased safety, enjoyment, and know-how in climbing, mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing...

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The mountain and ski guide training program begins with 9 participants.

Mountain and ski guide formation

At the end of May, a training cycle for South Tyrolean mountain and ski guides begins with 9 participants. This two-year course trains already independent climbers in leading and guiding across all routes and in all mountaineering disciplines. To qualify for mountain guide training, candidates must fully demonstrate their mountaineering skills and abilities, starting with the presentation of their tour report. Before being admitted to the guide training, they must pass practical exams in the disciplines of skiing, ice, and rock.

The training includes a theoretical part covering topics such as orientation and cartography, first aid, geology, geography, and (alpine) history, as well as communication and group dynamics. By late autumn 2025, candidates must have completed all courses in the disciplines of rock climbing, skiing, and high-altitude mountaineering, then they must gather another 18 months of professional experience as mountain guide candidates. This is followed by a ten-day ascent course. Afterward, they are recognized as fully qualified and international mountain guides.

The primary goal of the training is to impart the professional requirements of a mountain guide in all their facets; this includes deepening all didactic and methodological foundations and units to strengthen the individual's social skills.