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Mountain and ski guide

  • Guiding people on mountain tours over rock and ice or in any case in the mountains
  • Guiding people on ski tours or ski excursions
  • Specialised instruction in mountaineering and ski touring


Hiking guides

  • Plan and lead hikes on paths and trails
  • Provide interesting facts about the landscape, history, flora and fauna
  • Take the planning and organisational work off your hands


Alpine School

  • The union of 12 alpine schools
  • Expertise in mountain, flora and fauna
  • Training for increased safety, enjoyment, and know-how in climbing, mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing...

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The Association of South Tyrolean Mountain and Ski Guides offers a variety of exciting and moving projects. We give our customers the opportunity to explore the region of South Tyrol in a fun and adventurous way. Our main goal is to promote healthy outdoor activities and protect the environment. We offer a variety of services such as guided hikes, mountain biking and skiing.