IFMGA, IVBV, UIAGM Certifications for Mountain Guides in South Tyrol

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Mountain and ski guide

  • Guiding people on mountain tours over rock and ice or in any case in the mountains
  • Guiding people on ski tours or ski excursions
  • Specialised instruction in mountaineering and ski touring


Hiking guides

  • Plan and lead hikes on paths and trails
  • Provide interesting facts about the landscape, history, flora and fauna
  • Take the planning and organisational work off your hands


Alpine School

  • The union of 12 alpine schools
  • Expertise in mountain, flora and fauna
  • Training for increased safety, enjoyment, and know-how in climbing, mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing...

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Union of International Mountain Leader Associations

Hiking guides worldwide

The mountain guide associations from Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria founded the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IVBV - IFMGA - UIAGM) in October 1965 in Sion, Switzerland. Its purpose is to establish uniform regulations for the guiding profession, standardise training, represent the interests of mountain guides and create standards and guidelines in the technical field. This is also to enable a uniformly recognised guide certificate. 

The IVBV has therefore done a lot of groundwork, with significant South Tyrolean involvement. The South Tyrolean Mountain Guide Association is the only non-national mountain guide association,  besides that of Aosta, that has been a full member of the IVBV since 1976, and thus has the same influence on the global development of the mountain guide profession as the national mountain guide associations - including those of the large founding countries. 

Incidentally, the IVBV not "only" represents the interests of mountain guides worldwide, but also organises the annual mountain guide skiing and climbing championships. The South Tyrolean mountain guides regularly show that they are not only world-class guides, but also top athletes. 

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