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Mountain and ski guide

  • Guiding people on mountain tours over rock and ice or in any case in the mountains
  • Guiding people on ski tours or ski excursions
  • Specialised instruction in mountaineering and ski touring


Hiking guides

  • Plan and lead hikes on paths and trails
  • Provide interesting facts about the landscape, history, flora and fauna
  • Take the planning and organisational work off your hands


Alpine School

  • The union of 12 alpine schools
  • Expertise in mountain, flora and fauna
  • Training for increased safety, enjoyment, and know-how in climbing, mountaineering, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing...

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The provincial professional chamber

The profession of mountain guide is a protected profession in Italy - and therefore also in South Tyrol. This means that access to the profession is regulated by law. In South Tyrol, the mountain and ski guide regulations from 1991 apply (with later amendments) apply, which also established the provincial professional chamber of mountain and ski guides.

Like every protected profession, the South Tyrolean mountain guides also have a body of self-regulation and self-administration. This means that it is the mountain guides themselves who, on the one hand, decide on access to their profession and, on the other hand, monitor the fulfilment of all obligations of the chamber members.  

The most important tasks of the South Tyrolean Chamber of Mountain and Ski Guides are:

Incidentally, all mountain guides and aspirants who reside in South Tyrol and are registered in the professional register are members of the provincial professional chamber. Since the end of 2012, hiking guides registered in the special register have also been members of the chamber.

The professional directory

Anyone wishing to work permanently as a mountain guide in South Tyrol must be registered in the relevant professional register. The directory is maintained by the South Tyrolean Chamber of Mountain and Ski Guides. Anyone looking for professionals in South Tyrol's mountains will find what they are looking for in the directory. And only here. 

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All Bodies

The bodies of the provincial professional chamber

As stipulated by the mountain and ski guide regulations of the province of South Tyrol, the Professional Chamber Assembly is the highest body of the South Tyrolean Chamber of Mountain and Ski Guides. All members of the chamber belong to it, but only the mountain guides have the right to vote in the assembly, while the hiking guides participate in the assembly without voting rights. 

As the highest body of the provincial professional chamber, the assembly determines the guidelines for professional policy, elects the management committee, approves the balance sheets and budget planning. The assembly normally meets once a year, so it does not manage the day-to-day business but is responsible for the long-term strategy of the chamber's work. 

All other bodies of the chamber emerge directly or indirectly from the professional chamber assembly: 

The Chamber Board

Although the highest body of the South Tyrolean Chamber of Mountain and Ski Guides is the Professional Chamber Assembly, as this consists of all members of the Chamber and is only convened once a year, the day-to-day business is managed by the Executive Board (referred to in law as the "Management Committee"). 

The Executive Board consists of nine members. Eight of these are elected by the mountain guides, while the hiking guides make up the ninth member. The President and Vice-President of the professional chamber stem from the Executive Board. The president represents the chamber externally and is therefore the face and voice of the South Tyrolean mountain guide community. The Executive Board also appoints the Technical Commission, which is the highest training body for mountain guides in the province.

As the executive body of the chamber, the board has to cover a range of tasks that corresponds to that of the entire professional chamber. In addition to maintaining the directories, this also means defending the rights of mountain guides, while at the same time monitoring the fulfilment of their duties. Contact with institutions and international mountain guide associations (such as the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations IVBV) is also channelled through the Executive Board.  

The current board

The Technical Commission

The Technical Commission is appointed by the Executive Committee. On behalf of the provincial government, it is responsible for organising and running the training courses and advanced training courses. This makes the Technical Commission something like the guardian of the gateway to the mountain guide profession. 

Because it also determines the content of the training programme, the Technical Commission also has a decisive influence on the future of the mountain guide profession. After all, the trends and developments in the profession must be anticipated in the training programme and followed up in further training so that South Tyrolean mountain guides can continue to be international leaders


The current Technical Commission
current board

The current Executive Committee

The Board of Directors consists of nine members. Eight of these are elected by the mountain guides, with the hiking guides making up the ninth member. The eight representatives of the Steering Committee of the Association of Mountain and Ski Guides elect the President and the Technical Commission, which organizes the training and further education courses on behalf of the provincial government. In addition, the committee monitors the performance of the professional duties of its members, implements the resolutions of the General Assembly and maintains relations with national and international mountain guide associations (IVBV). It works together with the responsible state authority and issues expert opinions. Last but not least, the committee ensures that safety in the mountains is increased through targeted actions.

Zelger thomas


mock bernhard

Vice President

beikircher ewald

Committee member

Egarter Michaela

Committee member

Huber Florian

Committee member

Tirler Moritz

Committee member

Unteregelsbaher Philipp

Committee member

Wimmer roland

Committee member

Stuflesser Patrick

Representative hiking guide

Current board

The current Technical Commission

The technical commission is elected by the committee, which also elects the president of the board. The technical commission organizes the training and further training courses on behalf of the national region.

The technical commission changes with each training cycle, which means every 2 years. There is only one technical training manager, currently mountain guide David Demetz.

Demetz David

Head of the Technical Committee